The Universal Space Agency is hosting the first two nights of the Wham City Round Robin Tour, this weekend. Zach Klein describes why this is so awesome:

"It's 16 Baltimore bands (by Baltimore, I mean not only the city, but also the adjective 'mind-melting') playing round robin over 2 nights. Round robin means that each band will setup along the perimeter of the space and play one song each for 4 rounds -- all you have to do is stand in the center and spin! The first night is themed FEET, which means loud, raucous bands, and Saturday night is EYES for the quiet and trippy stuff."

With 4,000 sq ft there will be plenty of room for all the rock. Here are the details, and some amazing band names:

Friday lineup: Blood Baby, Butt Stomach, Cex, Dan Deacon, Height, OCDJ, Ponytail, Video Hippos

Saturday lineup: Boo Boos, Cache Cache, Ecstatic Sunshine, Lizz King, Ram Ones, Sand Cats, Santa Dads, Sports Ghosts

Check out the clip above of Ponytail playing a round robin. Wow.

Friday and Saturday // 10pm // Universal Space Agency [32B South 1st, Brooklyn] // $5 at the door