Close your eyes, focus, and ask yourself: Did Ross and Rachel end up together at the end of Friends? We couldn't remember either, so this alternate ending bombshell isn't really blowing our minds. Turns out that a Friends Blu-ray set is coming out next month, and in an effort to get all the Friendsheads excited, producer David Crane has leaked one thing that he reveals in the exclusive Blu-ray offerings: “At first we thought that [getting Ross and Rachel together] seems so expected," and an alternative, more “vague” ending was in place.

That's right: a group of television writers had thought of more than one scenario! As Videogum points out, "Relax David Crane. Your show wasn’t Lost... It wasn’t The X-Files or Twin Peaks. It was Friends! Give us that sweet sweet candy milk that we need to feel like our lives are OK for two seconds!" And besides, them not getting together would have totally blown Phoebe's ironclad lobster theory.