2006_12_odonnell.jpgIt looks like Rosie O'Donnell is leaving daytime television yet again. No, it's not because of her attempts to speak Chinese, but because of contract issues. How mundane. TMZ first reported last night that O'Donnell, the co-host and moderator of ABC's morning talk-show, was set to announce her departure from the show. This morning, ABC News confirms the story in an "exclusive" (side note - shouldn't ABC break news about its own show before TMZ?).

President of daytime programming for ABC Brian Frons said that the two sides were "unable to agree on some key elements." This was O'Donnell's first season with The View. ABC says they have no plans for a new co-host yet and that O'Donnell will finish out her, which continues through mid-June. The show has yet to fill the co-host position that Star Jones left last year, but has used a rotating cast of co-hosts. Barbara Walters, creator and co-executive producer of the show, says that O'Donnell's departure is an "amicable one," unlike Jones' departure.

We suppose she'll be taking time to enjoy the view. And does this mean that Donald Trump wins? We think so! Though with The Apprentice being so awful recently, maybe Trump's show will be fired from NBC. If so, it's a push.

Rosie O'Donnell talks a little about how she is leaving and says, "They wanted three years, I wanted one year. I'm not going away, I'm just not going to be here next year."

Barbara Walters is sad. Maybe she'll start crying and her face will fall off. She makes it clear that she didn't participate in the negotiations (and makes a reference to the Star Jones thing). She says they have not thought of replacements because they were hoping Rosie would be back.

Joy Behar says that Trump is on a ledge saying "How am I going to resuscitate The Apprentice now?"

Elisabeth Hasselbeck says something, but nothing intelligent. She says that Rosie is a catalyst and that she's taken off "the shackles" because of the discussions.