Rosie O'Donnell revealed that she suffered a heart attack after an incident on August 14. Apparently the comedian-former talk show host had been helping an "enormous woman" get out of her car in Nyack, NY: As People explains, "A few hours later, her chest ached, both arms felt sore as if they were bruised, she became nauseous, and had clammy skin." And then, as O'Donnell wrote in a poem on her blog, "maybe this is a heart attack/ googled womens heart attack symptoms/i had many of them/but really? - i thought - naaaa."

It turned out a coronary at 99% blocked. O'Donnell wrote, "They call this type of heart attack/the Widow Maker/i am lucky to be here." She had a stent inserted and wrote:

i did not call 911
50% of women having heart attacks never call 911
200,000 women die of heart attacks
every year in the US

by some miracle i was not one of them
the next day i went to a cardiologist
the dr did an EKG and sent me to the hospital
where a stent was put in

my LAD was 99% blocked
they call this type of heart attack
the Widow maker
i am lucky to be here

know the symptoms ladies
listen to the voice inside
the one we all so easily ignore
CALL 911

Earlier this summer, O'Donnell's fiancee, Michelle Rounds, was diagnosed with a rare cancerous-like disease that is not cancer, resulting in the couple delaying their wedding.