20804ronaldmchipster.jpgThe owners of the rooftop Ronald McDonald have stepped forward! We received the following email today from one of them (Ali), telling us:

That's my apartment featured in your Ronald McDonald story; it actually was not stolen; my roommate [Michael] saved it from McDonald's garbage one night and then lugged it up five flights of stairs. He's a hero if you ask me.

Ronald used to reside near a piano inside the McDonald's but was dumped in the trash by the powers that be behind the Golden Arches. He's got a new lease on life now, thanks to his upstairs guardian angels, and for about a month he's been sittin' pretty on the $6K patio furniture (fact).

When asked how visitors reacted to, let's face it -- the sort of creepy hybrid of clown and Richard Simmons that is Ronald McDonald, they told us, "most are surprised," and "all are confused as to why a couple of 30-somethings still sometimes behave like adolescent children."

While not basking in the sun and entertaining bored cubicle dwellers in the Hearst building across the street, Ronald likes to play Wii -- though Ali admits he isn't very good, noting: "I've been trying to teach Ronald Guitar Rock Hero, but I've discovered he sucks at Wii." And yes, we're told that Ronnie (as his guardians call him) supports Barack Obama.