Over the past three months Williamsburg hotel King and Grove has been throwing rooftop reggae parties on its rooftop bar Upper Elm, which boasts cool breezes and a DJ spinning old and new reggae tunes. (Hell yes Beenie Man's "Who Am I?") But if you missed all the hot-night-cool-jams fun this summer don't despair; the rooftop parties will continue into the fall.

The extension of the outdoor events are made possible through a retractable glass roof enclosure, a structure that will provide protection from the elements, while still allowing those inside to appreciate being (kind of) outside.

(Gabrielle Sierra/Gothamist)

Upper Elm first opened in June, and the view alone is enough to merit a visit day or evening. A tall glass perimeter allows for a perfectly clear and insanely picturesque look at the New York City skyline. Seating is pretty easy to obtain, at least during the Sunday parties. As for the booze, mixed drinks on the Upper Elm clock in around $10 (you're paying for that location), but there is a Blackwell rum specialty cocktail available on Sundays for $8; beers are $5

Music choices and guests are still to be announced, so your best bet is to either stop by or keep an eye on the King and Grove website.