Photo via pixietart's flickr

Over in Rome, Mayor Gianni Alemanno has announced that he will be making over Via del Corso, one of the city's central streets, in order to better accommodate women in heels. Like some streets here in New York, it's covered in cobblestone, making it aesthetically pleasing, but a nightmare for those wearing fancy footwear. So on that note, Alemanno plans to pave some of the popular Rome strip over, or at least some of it—according to Italy Mag, "While much of the street will be filled with new cobblestones, some of the high traffic areas used by public transportation will be covered in asphalt."

Interview Magazine Tweeted earlier, "We hope Meatpacking's next!" But would you really want to see streets in DUMBO, the Meatpacking District, SoHo, and elsewhere lose their more historic look?