Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis shooting Friends With Benefits near Bethesda Fountain this week. Photo by Daniella Zalcman.

A new study shows that romantic comedies may be killing the romance in real life relationships. According to the study, women are let down when their men don't shower them with love, attention and gifts the way professional paid actors do their on-screen love interests. The head of this study surmised, "It seems our love of rom-coms is turning us into a nation of happy-ever-after addicts. Yet the warm and fuzzy feeling they provide can adversely influence our view of real relationships."

C'mon ladies, in real life we all know that Mel Gibson isn't going to sweep you off your feet (What Women Want is the 2nd highest grossing rom com of all time). Another fact of life: 30-60% of all married couples' relationships involve infidelity. Time to start watching Big Love and coming to terms with the fact that Richard Gere isn't going to be climbing up your fire escape—roses in mouth and despite his fear of heights—just to save you from your den of prostitution (Pretty Woman is the 4th highest grossing rom com of all time). [via NY Post]