Last night we went to the Bowery Ballroom to check out one of the new buzz bands, Band of Horses. The sold out show was pretty packed, so we went to the balcony bar to find some room. About two minutes after we found a nice spot to stand, a pack of guys came shoving their way through, camera lights shining on their faces and a television crew following them.

The fans at the show became Key West/Austin/Philadelphia...and these guys were the cast of The Real World. Except they weren't, they were the cast of the new reality show about becoming a Rolling Stone intern. It was us against them. They were rude, clearly had no idea who they were there to see, and taking up valuable space at the bar. The bouncers were annoyed, the fans were pissed and even the girls they were hitting on wanted them to leave. The only time the interns showed any interest in the music was when Band of Horses played the intro music to their set, "Ridin'" by Chamillionaire (special thanks to Amrit of Village Indian/Stereogum for remembering the song, and also for posing in front of the interns so it wasn't so obvious we were photographing them).