Just as NPR charted the rise of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah through blogs, Rolling Stone has now done the same with them and other bands. Stereogum posted their chart (above) which not so accurately depicts how blogs destroy bands that they love. Apparently on June 15th, 2005 we said something nice about CYHSY - and in this chart that is (one of) their high points?! Not to metion Pitchfork is charted as their low point. We're guessing some Rolling Stone intern didn't do their research.

Moving on, there are four bands used in this "scientific study": Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Tapes n' Tapes, Arctic Monkeys and Cold War Kids.

Our two cents: CYHSY are the only ones with any staying power, and they haven't received that much backlash. They're a talented band that will transcend this blog buzz thing. The rest of them have fallen victim to bloggers trying really hard to find "the next big thing" and over hyping something that probably sounded alright on the first listen. Tapes n' Tapes are not very good, we can't see them being around for more than a couple of years (if that), and aside from that dancefloor song we still haven't really listened to Arctic Monkeys or Cold War Kids (but according to this chart they are so over anyway).

Also, they forgot to mention Clell Tickle.