Oh, Slice, how we love thee: Not only does the best pizza weblog ever dissect the important cameo of Joe's on Bleecker on Wednesday's Law & Order (there's nothing that says "quality pizza" like mob guy getting a slice right before being gunned down), Slice has been keeping tabs on the pizza habits of music artists. Slice looked at Ted Leo's "Me & Mia": video, which was filmed at World Famous Ray's (the one at 595 Sixth Avenue). But the pizza parlor becames a true narrative force in Queens native LL Cool J's video, "Hush," as Slice details:

The concept of the video is "then and now," with flashbacks to the eighties in which we see a young LL (played by his son Najee) courting his future wife, Simone. Young LL takes her to a pizzeria on the back of his bike, where dinner consists of one slice cut in half—this is James Tood Smith pre-bling. Even though he may have skimped on the slice, he delivers the ice, presenting his girl with a modest necklace after dinner, outside the pizzeria, where a sign can be seen advertising slices for $0.75.

This was filmed at the Coliseum Mall in Queens, because LL wanted to show his fans that if he could make it, anyone could. NYC pizza, inspiration, six pack abs, what more could you ask for?