2006_07_ARTS_ROCKIN.gifA documentary on the music scene in Brooklyn was bound to happen sooner or later. Luckily, Rockin' Brooklyn (despite the name) sounds like it will be a good one. It will delve in to the whole migration from downtown New York to Brooklyn, as high rent in Manhattan has forced artists out. Yes, Williamsburg is expensive these days too - however there is much more space provided for the money. Plus, artists don't really live in "Williamsburg proper", they all live a bit further to the east. Unless they have a trust fund.

That said, this documentary seems like it will get in to the heads of those pursuing their musical dreams, like New York bands before them: the Ramones, Television, The Velvet Underground (et al) all have. We've seen documentaries on the latter bands, and it's certain that bands today are living in much different times. First of all, there are more of them, they seemed to have multiplied a thousand fold. One must sift through a bunch of the bad ones to uncover the good, and this is often where blogs come in to play. It all just seems a bit more harder for bands to "make it" or to garner attention and new fans. This documentary will tell you what keeps them going, as well as serve as a snapshot of this era of music we're currently living in.

Some Brooklyn bands who have succeeded, are trying to succeed, and even one who was succeeding but quit - will be featured in the documentary, including: TV on the Radio, The National, Sea Ray, Pela, Dirty on Purpose, Say Hi To Your Mom and more.

Watch the trailer here.