A couple of days ago, NY Post columnist Cindy Adams made her opinion of the Times Square chairs be known, saying loud and clear in her headline: "It's Broadway—Not Rockaway!" She went on, saying "the hallway to the Street of Dreams is now Beach 34th Street? What's next? Sand? A boardwalk?" She's worried that the tourists will now only see "Sprawling, bused-in out-of-towners with Coke cans and brown paper bags flat out on camp chairs noshing and burping and snoozing and playing checkers in the center of the capital of the world."

The Queens folk didn't take long to speak up—one even commenting that the paper is to blame for the horrible press they've gotten this summer, asking, "What does the Post have against Rockaway anyhow?" and recalling "the non-scandal of the lazy lifeguard caught by a Post photographer."

Now the paper has printed some responses, two in approval of the original piece, and one reading: "I take extreme exception to Adams' column comparing the trashing of Times Square to the Rockaways. There is more to New York City than Manhattan—the Rockaways are one of the city's crown jewels. We have clean beaches, clean water, manicured properties and tree-lined streets. I suggest that the next time Adams decides to bash a city neighborhood, she should try visiting the area first." Um, just keep her out of Far Rockaway for now.