There are a lot of free concerts in New York this summer. So many, in fact, we're struggling to keep up with all the festivals and park performances.

unicorns.jpgLuckily, the folks over at Prefix have distilled a list of this summer's free-or-really-cheap shows. It's not comprehensive, but this hand-picked list could keep you busy most evenings throughout the summer. Also, it appears to have been pre-screened for that indie-credibility thing the kids these days like so much.

If we had to narrow the list down further, Gothamist would recommend The Stills (July 8), The Unicorns (July 15 - pictured), Ted Leo & the Pharmacists (July 24), They Might Be Giants (July 30) and Guided By Voices (August 19). Not to be missed, of course, the biggest bang-for-no-bucks: the 14-band Siren Music Festival (July 17), headlined by Death Cab for Cutie.

Gothamist doesn't mind being included on guest lists - and bar tabs (hint-hint) - whenever possible, so we really like that this summer everyone can feel like a VIP. The cost of living is high, so cram tons of free stuff into your summer plans.