2005_04_artsiancurtisclone.jpgJust the other day someone mentioned to us a rock photography exhibit at the Guggenheim. And we hadn't heard of it! Shocking, since a giant book of old rockstar images on glossy pages compose the top shelf of our nightstand. There is just something about the genre we love.

So, needless to say, we'll surely be hitting up Slater Bradley's Doppleganger Trilogy. On exhibit through May 22nd at the Guggenheim, it has a different spin on the rocktography genre. As suggested by it's name the photos aren't actually of the the icons who are portrayed in them, they are look-a-likes. This time around Bradley focuses on three fallen heroes: Ian Curtis, Kurt Cobain and Michael Jackson.

More information here.

Pictured: Slater Bradley, In a Lonely Place, Benjamin Brock in performance as Ian Curtis, National Museum of Film and Television, West Bradford, UK, 2001.