If you're looking for a movie to see this weekend, take advantage of the extended run given to Greg Pak's Robot Stories. Robot Stories contains four short films where humans must learn to coexist with robot babies and android office workers (watch the trailer). Newsday's Gene Seymour says the "quartet of short films about the intersection of mechanized men with human nature is sensitively directed, beautifully acted and - unusual for most science-fiction movies - gracefully rendered." The Times' Elvis Mitchell calls Pak "a talent with a future." Shot in New York City, Robot Stories is playing at Cinema Village through Thursday, February 26, and then it moves across the country, hitting DC, Boston, Chicago, LA, St. Louis, and SF, with writer-director Pak at some of the screenings; more information here.

The Robot Stories site also has a blog, which is a nice way of seeing how a small indie film spreads via word of mouth and web. You can also check out Greg Pak's own site.

Thanks Ben, lia, and our own Mindy. Ben also highly recommends Pak's spoof, Asian Pride Porn, where Pulitzer-winning playwright David Henry Hwang shills porn (watch at Atom Films).