2006_04_arts_rosie.JPEGWe know you've got an old toy robot , or a "droid" (for you sci-fi folk), that you've been laboring away on after hours in your basement. Whether you're a professional robotics engineer, a fan of robots, or just a
geek...bring your mechanical friend down to the Robot Parade!

We love this idea, and we're sure it'll be just a little more interesting now that's raining out. Rusty robots, explosions...we're in!

All submissions welcome, and there will even be some cool prizes handed out. In addition the cast of the Adhesive Theater Project's RUR and Robot Caveman will be there, a six-piece Robot music bot will perform and breakdancers will be on hand doing the Robot! There will be toy robot giveaways from Robot Village as well...so grab your Roomba and get down there...

Today // Noon // Pearl Street, between York and Front Streets, underneath the Manhattan Bridge, Brooklyn // Free