Sorry to start the day on a note of bitter envy, but check out all these really, really, ridiculously good looking places we can't get into nor afford! While their styles are somewhat disparate, they do share one thing in common: they all sprang from the minds of Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch, the hip couple behind design firm Roman and Williams. SO hot right now—but you might not know it if you can't afford a room at The Standard, or can't wait hours for a table at The Breslin or The Standard Grill, or have naively tried to visit that insane Mordor-esque red-glowing bar, formerly known as The Boom Boom Room, atop the 18th floor of The Standard. (To be fair, impecunious nobodies are perfectly welcome to buy a coffee from Stumptown and drink it in the lobby of The Ace Hotel.)

And if you really want to make your blood boil, be sure to inspect these photos (below) of the couple's loft on East Fourth Street. Standefer and Alesch (not to be confused with the jeering old men in The Muppet Show balcony) got their start designing film sets, but changed course after Ben Stiller, on the set of Duplex, wondered aloud why his home couldn't look as cool as the movie. Their first gig was overhauling Stiller's residence, and they haven't looked back since. Via e-mail, the busy couple responded to our questions about their numerous hot projects.