Robbie WilliamsApparently Robbie Williams said that he found The Rock "hot" in The Advocate. Of course of course of course Access Hollywood had to find out what "hot" meant. And of course of course of course Williams said:

No, I don't actually. I just thought it would be interesting to see the reaction it got from the guy who was interviewing me. There are a few pop stars out there, or rock stars, whatever, that pretend to be straight, but are actually gay. I'm championing the cause for straight pop stars to act gay, or at least say gay things. I mean, I'm heterosexual and I’ve never gotten down and dirty with a man. If the fancy takes me, I probably would, but it just doesn't.

Lord, if Gothamist had a dollar every time we heard that from a celebrity...Gothamist would not be a money-losing operation.

The Times examined the fortunes of record label EMI and, in particular, the difficulty of Robbie Williams has had in crossing over to U.S. audiences. Apparently Americans can't take outre humor.