2007_02_arts_rm.jpgToday in New York anchorman, Rob Morrison, has gone and turned in to a music blogger overnight. In one of his latest posts he declares that Wolfmother does in fact rock.

"Attention brothers and sisters of Rock.

If you, like me, feel as if you are drowning in a sea of sensitivity; awash in the moody minor-chords of bands like Coldplay, The Fray and that guy who jumped off a cliff because he saw a pretty girl on the subway... Rejoice! Salvation has arrived from the land down under.

Wolfmother, in my opinion, has been sent to singlehandedly save rock-n-roll. This Aussie power trio plays as if possessed by the god of Rock himself, generating a sound that can only be described as a violent, head-on collission between Deep Purple and The White Stripes.

Warning: People who enjoy long, romantic walks and cuddling need not apply.

Muchas gracias to TINY audio guru J. Mullaney for introducing us to these guys during our commercial breaks."

Anchor Darlene Rodriguez has this to say in his comments:

"Oh please...give me a break, "the guy who jumps off the bridge" is James Blunt...and as I tell you every morning, it's OKAY to like stuff that everyone else likes. It doesn't make you any less cool, really. And Wolfmother, by the way, is alright but they are hardly possessed by any god, let alone the god of rock and roll. So don't go jumping off a bridge for them."

No, Rob, it's not okay to like James Blunt...don't listen to her! Keep rocking.