2006_07_roach.gifThe Staten Island Advance had an interesting tale of pet ownership and living in city housing. Patricia Leonardo, a tenant in the Mariners Harbor Houses, complained about roaches in her apartment, only to be evicted for owning two dogs in the apartment. A building manager also accompanied the exterminators, and since the New York City Housing Authority prohibits more than one dog or cat (though many pet owners do have more than one dog or cat and get away with it), that's a lease violation! Leonardo thinks the NYCHA is kicking her out for making a stink about the roaches, but of course there's another wrinkle:

The exterminators who visited Ms. Leonardo's apartment concluded that her housekeeping contributed to the roach problem, she said.

Baby and Midnight, her two dogs, haven't left the apartment for walks in approximately two years. They relieve themselves on newspaper laid out on the floor.

Yeah, that probably doesn't help.