With the RNC just around the corner, the folks over High Times have put together an Activist Guide to help you get through the festivities. Featuring "how to" articles on topics such as what to do when you get arrested, shooting video at a protest and taking over the airwaves, this publication is recommended reading for any angst-ridden dem.

To celebrate the launch of the guide there will be a gathering tonight starting at 7pm at Pioneer Bar (218 Bowery). It's pretty no frills (what do you expect from a bunch of weedsters), but there should be representatives on hand from groups like the Yes Men, Missile Dick Chicks, Billionaires for Bush, Greene Dragon, Axis of Eve, Guerilla News Network, noRNC Poster Collective, the Glass Bead Collective and more.

So if the thought of the Republican invasion has you plotting how to escape from New York, stop in tonight and learn how to raise a ruckus instead.