What's lurking in the East River waters? We dropped by this weekend's seining, and while no giraffes or pianos were pulled from the tidal straight, we got an up close look at the little creatures that live there (did you know there are seahorses?).

The nets pulled out a lot of tiny river inhabitants, like silversides, striped bass, baby flounder, comb jellies, crabs, and algae—"It feels like kale!" one 9-year-old proclaimed at the event. Brooklyn! Mmm... river kale.

Should you bust out your fishing pole, you can also expect to reel in bluefish, striped bass, flounder, and eel—some up to 6' long! There's even a nice fishing pier in Brooklyn Bridge Park, behind the soccer fields. And supposedly these fish are safe to eat (though some species are not safe for children and women of a childbearing age)—at the seining it was noted that industrial discharges are highly regulated now and are a trickle compared to what they once were, and the river is much cleaner since the passage of the Clean Water Act.