We don't often talk about readings on this site because, well, readings are generally kind of boring. Seriously, you can comment all you want about how they're not but we probably won't even read your comments because comments about readings are even more boring. Enter super fast reading series. We're pretty sure the last Ritalin Reading was last June, so we'll give you a refresher. 6 readers, 4 minute readings, 24 minutes of your time and invaluable love advice to last you forevermore (love advice given to you by bloggers and comedians, hmmm.)

The Ritalin Readings Guide To Love (with host Lindsay reading excerpts from The Rules between readers - like, literary deejaying or something.)
Date: Wednesday, February 23, 8pm
Place: Pianos (upstairs), Ludlow Street at Stanton
Lineup: Mike Albo (Author, The Underminer with Virginia Heffernan. Star of My Price Point at P.S. 122)
Alex Balk, aka TMFTML (also co-host)
Patrick Borelli (Premium Blend, Conan O'Brien)
Jessica Coen (Editor, Gawker)
Will Leitch (Author, Life As A Loser, Editor, The Black Table)
Bob Castrone (Comedian and writer of this blog and this blog - TWO blogs, so he'll have the best love advice, clearly.)

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