Sherman Hemsley, who you may better know as George Jefferson, has died at his home in El Paso, Texas at the age of 74. According to TMZ, it's unclear at this time how he died. Hemsley was not married, and did not have any children.

As a younger man, Hemsley served in the Air Force for four years, and upon his return to Philadelphia worked at the Post Office and took acting classes. Soon after, he moved to New York City and starred as Gitlow in the early 1970s Broadway play "Purlie." He then landed his role on All In The Family, prior to getting his own spin-off, The Jeffersons, in 1975. That show lasted 11 seasons, running through 1985, and Hemsley kept acting through last year.

The celebrity Tweets are already pouring in:

Will anyone be leaving flowers at the Jefferson's apartment tonight? It's located at 185 East 85th Street—if you stop by, do a little tribute dance: