Film Biz Recycling, a cavernous Gowanus warehouse chockablock with all sorts of furniture, appliances and household doodads collected from various movie, TV and theater sets, is closing up shop. That sucks!

A post on the organization's website bears the bad news:

With our heads held high, we announce that Film Biz Recycling will be closing. We were unable to secure adequate and sustained funding. Film Biz was incredibly successful. We won an EPA award, diverted over 600 tons and changed the culture. Time to evolve.

We will no longer be able to accept donations after 4/30 and we will be liquidating and vacating our space by 6/20.

Film Biz Recycling launched in 2008, and since then redistributed more than 60 percent of donated items through its network of charity and nonprofit partners. It's a great place to look for furniture, or visit on a daytime Tinder date to quickly ascertain whether to bother planning a future with him or her. ("Oh yeah? You like that cow hyde ottoman, you say? You want a similar one in your own apartment one day? INTERESTING.")

Everything on the warehouse premises will be 25 percent off between May 11th and May 23rd, 50 percent off between May 25th and June 6th and 75 percent off between June 8th and 13th. Between June 15th and 20th, shoppers can "name their price." On June 21st, it will be closed forever. Eva Radke, Film Biz's founder and president, said the prop store was unable to secure the funding it needed to continue operating, since it did not fit into any clear non-profit bucket and was thus somewhat unappealing to potential grant givers.

"The prop shop covered 80 percent of our expenses, and the other 20 percent wasn't to be found," she said, adding that while companies like HBO were great supporters, it simply needed more. "And I didn't make that happen in time. I don't really know what else I could have done," she said. She is unsure of what will become of the space once it closes.

If you're looking for a space to accept your disused set crap, take heart: Long Island City-based Materials for the Arts will continue to accept donate-able items.