Despite the efforts of Chloe Sevigny's t-shirt, it looks like the West Village's Beatrice Inn, which has been closed since April, will not reopen. The NY Post reports that in order to get the party started again, "they'd have to pay $23,000 in fines, install a fire door that matches the period exterior of the building, and put in a sprinkler system." And since their liquor license runs out next year, and will not be renewed at that time, the owners have decided to call it quits. Looks like the neighbors win this one. In the past they had complained about the club, including the late-night traffic that streamed into an apartment upstairs which was used as a VIP lounge for the often A-list clientele. Owner Paul Sevigny even moved one such neighbor into the VIP lounge apartment rent-free when he complained about the noise in his own residence, which was above the noisy dance floor.