Photo by Tom Giebel

Angels & Accordions, the site-specific performance at Green-Wood Cemetery, will take a final bow on October 9th. The dance piece will be performed twice during Open House NY, but You Nabe reports that it'll be killed off after that, despite going six years strong now. The event involves dancers dressed in white interacting with tombs, trees and catacombs, with accordions that also serve a practical purpose; choreographer Martha Bowers says, “People do get lost, which is why we have the accordions to mark the route. It’s crazy to be in the middle of Brooklyn and have no idea which way is out.”

Bowers added that the event is "a more gentle, hopeful view of how we include death in life. In this city of the dead, which is so beautiful and quiet, the performance is set up in a way to be timed to walk in a beautiful place and contemplate the richness of living.” As for why the program is ending, she says, “You do an event for a certain number of years, it feels like it’s time to move on to something else."