Broken engagements are tough to deal with, and one of the tougher questions is what to do with the ring. An Upper East Side man is suing his ex to return a 4.06 carat cushion-cat diamond ring worth $48,000. The Sun reported that the man's lawyer "declined to say which partner ended the engagement," because the ex should return it. Says who, the judge of etiquette?

Emily Post that the woman should return the ring, even if the guy breaks it off. Her website says, "Why keep a painful reminder of the end of an engagement just to be spiteful? It’s better to take the high road and move on." And according to experts (a married couple) on, New York is a "conditional gift state," where the ring is considered a "conditional gift that is given in contemplation of marriage." In other words, she gives it up if there's no "I do."

We saw someone on WNBC say that engagement rings given on holidays (say a birthday or Valentine's Day) could be considered gifts, and therefore the woman would not need to return it, but a commenter says that's incorrect, though some lawsuits have given women ring custody if the guy breaks it off.

What do you say? In the court of public opinion, should the guy expect his ring back? Should the lady return it? Or do you want more details? (We do, that's for sure.) Speaking of broken engagements, Kerry Washington and David Moscow (the kid from Big) broke theirs off. Not only does she have a rock, they have homes in LA and Harlem!