2005_12_ring.jpgA lady is suing the Elizabeth Arden salon at Saks for losing her huge engagement ring...because she left it on the shelf! The Post says that 66 year-old loyal customer, Angela Abelow, claims that her 3.77 carat diamond engagement ring (worth $95,000) was stolen from a "service shelf"; Abelow had been putting her ring on the shelf every time she'd visit over her 15 years of patronage. Her lawyers say that there has been another instance of theft at the salon, but maybe that's because someone realized that it was totally easy to take people's jewelry when they are left out in the open. The salon says that Abelow still visits the salon (the manager said, "I'm not sure where this is coming from") but Abelow's lawyers say the fact that Abelow still goes there is irrelevant. If Gothamist lost our...hmm, hypothetical stack of $95,000 in unmarked twenty-dollar bills (it's either that or the equivalent of years and years of rent) at some salon we went to, we'd never go there ever again. And we can't totally buy the story that the ring had tremendous sentimental value because if it did, it wouldn't be on a shelf.

A ring we can all afford: The Ring Pop. And if you do get a rock, try not to get a conflict diamond.