According to Rihanna Buff (your ultimate online Rihanna news source?), the singer was in the East Village yesterday getting tattoo lessons at East Side Ink. The fan blog reports, "All the black she’s been wearing is getting kind of repetitive, but I can deal with it." So understanding. Anyway, she was allegedly there for a sketching class; could Rihanna be looking for a second career? You know what...Rihanna says, "Just live your life/ay ay ay/Intead of chasing that paper." However, she does have an $18,000 a month rental in SoHo to pay for. UPDATE:TMZ went and ruined the fun, they posted about the illegality of Rihanna touching a needle without a license, and now the NYC Health Dept. are sending someone down to the shop. Meanwhile, the singer could be charged with three misdemeanors.