Move over, Chicken Elmo; from Fisher-PriceThe 100th Toy Fair is wrapping up at the Jacob K. Javits Center this week. Apparently, it's the last big toy blowout before the show splits into smaller ones. It's an exciting time in the city, with the prototype toys not yet released displayed at the Times Square Toys R Us and reports about the cool toys on the Today Show - Corey Greenberg says that "Hokey Pokey Elmo" is on his way. I wonder if part of the show will be moving to Las Vegas, as the Times reported how Las Vegas is aggressively courting convention business with its monster hotel complexes and meeting facilities. But for now, New York is the place, what with many important toy makers, including the International Toy Center located, on Fifth Avenue and 23rd Street, a "24 hour, 7 days a week, 365 days a year" building "dedicated to Children's Entertainment and Seasonal Products." The Daily News covered the fair and AdAge made guesses for hot picks for the upcoming season.

The awesome Times Square Toys R Us was named Store of the Year by the National Association of Store Fixture Manufacturers. Look at the official Toys R Us Times Square site for more information about its services, including the indoor ferris wheel.