Richard Sandler, a New York documentarian, has sent along some photographs from his decade-spanning collection. Sandler will also be screening two of his documentaries about the city later this month. The first, Brave New York (watch online), "is a free form documentary that loosely chronicles the last 12 years of intense change in the East Village. From the reopening of a newly curfewed Tompkins Square Park to the destruction of the cherished Loisaida Community Gardens, to the first yuppie invasions of the dot com years, to the present." The second film, called Sway, goes underground--it's another free-form video in which 14 years of camcorder-recorded subway rides have been edited together.

Catch those for free on August 22nd at the 6B garden. For now, here's a look at a different era of New York through Sandler's lens (he also has photographs on view at the Brooklyn Museum as part of their permanent collection).