Move over ShamWow, yesterday the next big Infomercial thing was found, right here in Manhattah. Z100 hosted their Next Great Infomercial Inventor contest in TriBeCa, where a Hoboken duo took home the top prize for their fancy bra straps. Jan Lori and Chuck Strube won $50,000 for their Hott Straps, which replace your boring old bra straps with rhinestones. (A thing that already exists... in more than one place.) Anyway, it seems like something we'll be seeing a lot of on upcoming seasons of The Real Housewives!

Lori told the Daily News, "Hott Straps are bra straps that are meant to be seen. They enhance any outfit, which makes them functional and decorative." They chose that invention to bring to the big show, over their others: the Automatic Doggie Doo Doo Collector and the Flexible Window Washer.

Other inventions included a "Girl on the Go" portable changing room, and the Fun Sponge, which helps keep shampoo out of your eyes. (Note: closing your eyes also helps keep shampoo out of your eyes.)