Just two weeks after Gothamist was wondering about graffiti artist Revs' steel sculptures, the NY Times has a great story that sheds a little more light on Revs and his attitude about art. Randy Kennedy's article gives more detail about the elusive Revs, such as how Revs has shunned the "worlds of conventional art and commerce" by not becoming a graphic designer or youth brand marketing consultant and what Revs was doing with his subway missives after returning from a stay in Alaska (which was after partner in crime Cost was arrested in 1994), without revealing too much of who he is ("windburned eyes and blackened fingernails of an ironworker, along with the vaguely feral intensity of someone on the lam").

Visual Resistance has a picture of a buffed Revs sculpture [via Wooster Collective], and here's another Revs sculpture. More about Cost and Revs at @149st. old ArtForum interview with Cost and Revs. Cost can be found on the commenting at Streets are Saying Things.

Image from Bluejake on the Flickr stream for Revs' work