101508gughotel.jpgMarkus Tretter, © Carsten Höller/VBK

The Guggenheim's upcoming group show, called "theanyspacewhatever," features artists who like to "claim the exhibition as their medium." And what better way to claim the Guggenheim than to spend the night with it? From October 24th to January 7th, Carsten Höller's Revolving Hotel Room invites guests to stay over at the museum by sleeping in an art installation comprised of three turning glass discs mounted onto a fourth disc "that all turn harmoniously at a very slow speed."

101508gug1.jpgThe Guggenheim website says that guests will have access to a bathroom and shower and will be provided with towels, robes, slippers, and other bath amenities to make their stay comfortable. There is a continental breakfast, and guests will be able to wander the rotunda all night long should they so choose. And though they don't say anything about prohibiting skateboards, there is an 18-or-over age requirement.

Of course, such a "once-in-a-lifetime opportunity" doesn't come cheap; rates range from $259 (student rate on Monday evenings) to $799 on holiday weekends. Definitely pricey, but also the perfect Christmas gift for that special someone who says contemporary art puts them to sleep. For reservations, call (212) 360 4373. And be sure to ask them if there's free Wi-Fi!