2_2005_StephenR.jpgPeople often ask me what I do as a day job. Believe it or not, I work at least 60 hours per week at my job as the Executive Director of Holistic Studies Institute. As part of that job, I also have a private practice in psychic consulting and hypnotherapy. This keeps me very busy. I am mainly based in NYC, but I also oversee the operations of our National Headquarters in Albany NY. I travel to Albany once per month to see to business there. Otherwise, I am based in NYC where I work fulltime in my position.

I was born in Albany, New York. I grew up and lived there most all my life. In 2001, I decided to open a branch of Holistic Studies Institute in NYC. I would commute from Albany to NYC each week, spending about 3-4 days per week in NYC building up our center there. Once the NYC center grew, I moved my residence there in 2002. I live in Chelsea and HSI’s NYC Center is also located in Chelsea. I am very lucky. I walk less than 6 blocks to get to work.

I am a single gay man. I have no children, (although at one time I did try to have a child and/or adopt). I was in a long-term relationship for over 8 years and I am now very open and available to a new relationship with a soul-mate. Know anyone nice who is available?


You have spent most of your life working as a Psychic Consultant. What made you decide to pursue this profession?
Since junior high school, I knew I was psychic. I had many precognitive experiences that proved my abilities. When I graduated from high school a friend introduced me to a Spiritualist Church. I attended the service. The minister (as all Spiritualist Ministers) was a psychic-medium and gave messages from those who have crossed over during the service. When I saw this for the first time, I was so impressed that I knew that I was led there by some spiritual force and I would be doing the same thing as the minister who was conducting the service some day.

How did your family and friends react to your decision?
Luckily, my family and friends were very supportive in my decision to develop my psychic abilities. Many just saw the surface level of this choice and asked me to pick winning horses from the track or lotto numbers. Of course, I didn’t and continued to pursue my studies to become a minister and psychic-medium. I wanted to develop to the best of my ability. I wanted to do the very best job possible and I wanted to be as accurate and detailed as possible.

You conduct 1-hour sessions, either in your office or over the phone. What happens during a session? What can one expect?
During a psychic reading clients may expect that I will cover the following:
• Strategy and guidance for reaching your goals and desires.
• Messages from loved-ones and friends who have crossed over to the Spirit World.
• Predictions as to when, where, how, and what to look for.
• Guidance that can help you to prevent, change or avoid future problems.
• Predictions about your career-job changes, promotions, relations with co-workers, your boss and your finances.
• Predictions about romance---meeting someone new, or how to improve your current relationship.
• Predictions about marriage and children.
• Insight into your health and state of mind.
• Messages from your Higher Self. Insight into your spirituality, your karma and possible psychic abilities.
• Information concerning past-lives and their relevance to this life and people in your life.
• The colors in your Aura and what they indicate about your state of mind and health.

As an Intuitive Consultant, I work as a clairvoyant, clairaudient, psychic, medium and psychometrist. Through my clairvoyance, I receive visual impressions concerning you, your life, future, etc. As a clairaudient, I frequently receive auditory impressions that prove to be very accurate. As a medium, I am able to receive messages from the Spirit World and your loved-ones who have passed on. Through psychometry I tune into the unique frequency of your voice or hold an object that you own, both of which convey a sizable amount of information about you. I also give photo readings. Photos often stimulate powerful and detailed psychic impressions about the significant people in your life. By holding handwritten material and even small objects belonging to other people, I am able to receive a great deal about the owner.

I also give telephone consultations. Instead of using an object that you own, I tune into your voice. The voice gives off tremendous psychic frequencies that I read with just as much accuracy and detail as I would if you were in my office. In fact, I seclude myself in the controlled setting of my office to ensure that the vibrations are just right during your telephone consultation.

How does your method differ from that of others?
I am not sure how my methods differ from other psychic mediums. However, I am confident that my readings are at least 80 – 100 percent accurate in terms of what is seen and what is predicted. I go by these figures, because they are reported to me by my returning clients. In my opinion, they offer the best testimonial as to whether the readings are accurate for them. For more information, please visit my website.

What is psychometry?
Through the use of psychometry you can feel the past, observe more information about the present and catch glimpses into the future. Psychometry is a tool we use to access information about virtually anything, person, place, animal or object. The word psychometry derived from the Greek words psyche (mind or soul) and metron (to measure) literally means, “to measure the soul”. Psychometry is a way to sense the auric-energy field, which is emitted by everything, animate or inanimate, and which record, carries and conveys information. Psychometry is also referred to as "object reading" and "soul sensing."

Psychometry is a term used to describe the process by which one is able to receive information by touching or coming in close contact with anything. Objects, physical locations, people and animals retain their history within their auras. For example, a simple silver band ring will retain the energy of everyone who as ever worn that ring, by holding that ring you will be able to pickup psychic impressions about the people who have come in contact with that ring. Similarly with a physical location, how many times have you walked into a room, city, or building and gotten some sort of “feeling”? That “feeling” is coming from the energy of the place that contains a history of that location.

In 1977, you founded the Holistic Studies Institute with Rev. Alice Hughes. What is the mission of the Institute?
Yes, I did found the Holistic Studies Institute with my mentor, Rev. Alice M. Hughes back in 1977. She lived to be 103 years old and had a keen mental, psychological and emotional outlook on life right up to the end. Not one of us who were close to her observed any sign of dementia at all.

Together Rev Hughes and I encouraged the Board of Trustees of the Holistic Studies Institute to define the mission of the Institute. They have and this is it:
"As a holistic learning center, it is the mission of HSI to provide a safe, open and non-judgmental environment in which interested people may develop and express their psychic abilities and mediumship. HSI is therefore a major resource, though which we provide a structured Psychic Development Program of courses, workshops, psychic fairs, open séances and private readings."

A testimony to the success of this mission is that in almost 28 years of operation HSI has provided psychic education to over 10,000 individuals.

The Institute offers classes and certifications in intuitive arts. What are some of your popular programs? How are classes conducted?
The most popular program at HSI is our Psychic Development Program. Since its inception, HSI has offered more than just psychic classes. We offer a structured four-level accredited program in psychic and mediumship development designed to prepare students to become so well trained that they are eligible to become a Certified Intuitive Consultant by the American Board of Holistic Practitioners. This program has enrolled people from all walks of life who have learned and developed fascinating psychic and mediumistic abilities.

Without burdensome work involved, the Psychic Development Program at HSI is designed to be fun, informative and comprehensive. It emphasizes common sense, balanced with spirituality, which gives quality, depth and meaning to the psychic development process.

In our courses, students frequently participate in a séance (which is like a psychic laboratory), led by qualified teachers, for the purpose of developing mediumship and other psychic abilities. The séance begins with a meditation. Next, the teacher will help students to sort out the psychic impressions, which they receive and gently lead them into a discovery of their unique mode of psychic expression. All efforts are made to create a conducive atmosphere that will provide you with numerous opportunities to have meaningful psychic experiences.

Other popular programs (we call them workshops or courses) have included: Astrology, Hypnosis, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Communicate with your Animals Telepathically, Tai Chi, Dowsing, Crystals, Remote Viewing and Out of Body Experiences, Dream Intrepretation, and Psychic Phenomena in the Bible.

Can anyone be taught to be a psychic or is it something one needs to have a natural talent for?
I get this question a lot. I’m often struck with how uninformed or biased the general population is regarding psychic phenomena. Of course anyone can be taught to be psychic. That doesn’t mean that they will become A PSYCHIC. That is a profession. Not everyone who takes a psychology course, or who even majors in psychology as an undergraduate, becomes a psychologist. That is generally accepted and no one really asks, can anyone be taught to be a psychologist?

Look at it this way, can anyone be taught to play the piano? Sure. Will everyone who plays the piano become proficient at it? No. What determines proficiency in any pursuit is practice and experience. Developing psychic abilities is the same. In our Psychic Development Program we provide an atmosphere that fosters experience and practice. You can’t get that out of a book. You must be present to participate in the exercises and séance in order to develop.

If you can think, if you can be somewhat introspective enough to examine or be aware of your thoughts, then you have all the potential you need to develop psychic abilities. In my experience, being psychic is as easy as thinking. It just requires a bit of focus or concentration—just about the same level of concentration that you would use to read a book.

HSI’s Spiritualist Seminary teaches about Spiritualism. What is Spiritualism? What are some of its principles?
Spiritualism is a religion. It is not Christian or part of any other religious denomination. People become Spiritualists because of their convictions, not because they are converted or saved. In Spiritualism, we have 9 principles of belief:

1. We believe in Infinite Intelligence.
2. We believe that the phenomena of Nature, both physical and spiritual, are the expression of Infinite Intelligence.
3. We affirm that a correct understanding of such expression, and living in accordance therewith, constitutes true religion.
4. We affirm that the existence and personal identity of the individual continue after the change called death.
5. We affirm that communication with the so-called dead is a fact scientifically proven by the phenomena of Spiritualism.
6. We believe that the highest morality is contained in the Golden Rule: "Whatsoever ye would that others should do unto you, do ye also unto them."
7. We affirm the moral responsibility of the individual, and that we make our own happiness or unhappiness as we obey or disobey Nature's physical and spiritual laws.
8. We affirm that the doorway to reformation is never closed against any human soul, here or hereafter.
9. We affirm that the Precepts of Prophecy and Healing contained in all sacred texts are divine attributes proven through Mediumship.

These definitions are accepted and are taught by HSI, not as all-inclusive or all exclusive, but as comprehensive and concise statements:
1. Spiritualism is the science, philosophy, and religion of continuous life, based upon the demonstrated fact of communication by means of mediumship, with those who live in the spirit world.
2. A Spiritualist is one who believes as the basis of his/her religion, in the communication between this and the Spirit World by means of mediumship, and who endeavors to mold his/her character and conduct in accordance with the highest teachings derived from such communication.
3. A Medium is one whose organism is sensitive to vibrations from the Spirit World, and through whose instrumentality, intelligences in that world are able to convey messages and produce the phenomena of Spiritualism.
4. A Spiritualist Healer is one who, either through his/her own inherent powers or through his/her mediumship, is able to impart vital, curative forces to pathologic conditions.
5. The Phenomena of Spiritualism consists of Prophecy, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Gift of Tongues, Laying on of Hands, Healing, visions, Trance, Apports, Levitation, Raps, Automatic and Independent Writings and Paintings, Voice, Materialization, Photography, Psychometry, and other manifestations proving the continuity of life as demonstrated through the physical and spiritual senses and faculties of man.

What’s the difference between Ancient Spiritualism and Modern Spiritualism? What is the significance of March 31, 1848?
The Ancients practiced what today is called Shamanism by anthropologists. Shamanism was Spiritualism—spirit communication, trance work, giving messages from those who have crossed over, practicing primitive forms of healing.

Modern Spiritualism has evolved as society and knowledge have evolved. Today, Spiritualists communicate with the other side and practice the same primitive forms of healing. However, today, we do so with more knowledge, with science backing up our work. Countless studies have been published in scientific journals about therapeutic touch and other forms of healing we practice. We also see research by scientific organizations regarding spirit communication and studies of the afterlife.

Today, major colleges and universities offer undergraduate and graduate degrees in Transpersonal Psychology. This subject includes a study of the principles found in Spiritualism, studies in psychic phenomena, survival studies (about the afterlife) and studies in mediumship.

On March 31, 1848, the Fox Family of Hydesville, NY (near Rochester) opened the doors to their haunted home for proof that a spirit was making noise and was present in the house. The youngest of the two children on this date established intelligent communication through raps. The spirit would make knocking sounds on the walls, floor and ceiling of the rooms. The mother eventually worked out a code with the spirit and found that it was someone who had been murdered in the house and whose body was buried in the cellar. The father, John Fox found the skeletal remains under the basement floor behind a brick wall. The details of this were published in the Boston Herald sometime in 1850.

Is a Spiritualist funeral different than funerals in other religions?
Not really. However, we do stress that one should not say goodbye to the loved one. We talk about how we can continue our relationship with those who have crossed over. We stress that death is not the end of life and that our loved-ones are not in some far off heaven or in a closed in hell. We believe that they live an active life on the other side and frequently visit us in order to continue their relationship with us. Often our dead relatives offer us guidance and protection and can be called upon to help us. As Spiritualists, we don’t develop unhealthy co-dependent relationships with them, however.

You hosted a radio show called Psychic Dialogue where you provided on-air readings to listeners calling in. Any interesting stories to recount from this experience?
On that particular show we had 4 call-in lines. As soon as the theme music was played at the beginning of the show, all 4 lines would be lit, indicating callers were waiting. You are right, I gave live on-air readings. This is risky and challenging. Risky, because a nut could call in, and challenging, because someone who is hostile could call in. However, my favorite callers were those who were open-minded, but skeptical. I remember one man calling in who was skeptical. I could see a woman who was on the other side with him. She was telling me that she was his mother. His response was that I am older myself; you can tell by my voice, I’m sure. You could have just figured that out—by my age my mother would have been so old she would be dead by now. Now that was skeptical, but reasonable. I tuned-in further and in my mind sent her a thought—please help me to identify who you are with some proof. I then heard, “tell him Blacky is here.” I felt Blacky was a dog. I told him. Silence. Then he said, “okay, now you’ve got me. My mother’s favorite dog was Blacky who is now dead as well. She loved that dog dearly.”

There are certainly some people who are skeptical about what you do. Is there anything you’d like to say to these people?
Read the testimonials. People don’t generally lie or exaggerate these things. At first they are skeptical, but later are convinced either after thinking about it, checking with parents or other family members to verify, or through seeing how the predictions come out.

Who is your favorite New Yorker (dead or alive) and why?
Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan. Because he was one of the smartest of people I’ve ever heard speak. He was way ahead of his time on issues related to Medicare and Social Security. Plus, he endorsed Hillary Clinton to be his successor in the US Senate.

Who is/are your heroes?
Bill and Hillary Clinton. They showed us all how to stand up and not falter under the most intense pressure and assaults on their characters.

Billy's Topless is now a bagel shop, no more smoking in bars or restaurants, Times Square has been Disneyfied, what's next?
Hell’s Kitchen will go from being called, “Clinton,” to “Upper Chelsea.”

If you could change just one thing about New York City, what would it be?
Put more bathrooms in the city. Even sidewalk bathrooms would be a good idea. Not the crappy, temporary ones they use for the parades or construction workers, but real, permanent bathrooms. Go to Paris for an example. They are beautiful, clean and user friendly. After all it makes the city appear much friendlier to have bathrooms. In fact, in NY style harshness, they could even put a quote on the outside of the bathroom—“We give a shit, so that you can right here.”

What source(s) do you turn to for news?
US News and World Report, The Times, Post and Daily News. Also, CNN, MSNBC and regretfully Fox News (just to see the other perspective).

What advice would you give Bush as he embarks on his second term?
1. Have Cheney resign. 2. Nominate John McCain as VP. Once approved by the Senate, 3. Resign yourself so that McCain is president. 4. In your memoirs, admit finally that you’ve made a colossal mistake by taking us into Iraq and giving an unfair tax cut which is bankrupting the nation.

Bloomberg, 4 more years?
Someone new, PLEASE! And I vote NO to the West Side Stadium.

It's the year 2024, what do you think will be the hot topic of discussion at the water cooler?
Did your parents get their Social Security Check this month or are you going to have to pay their rent and food bill again.

Interview by Raphie Frank and Mindy Bond