The Reverend Al Sharpton is a busy guy—just look at his Twitter. He emphasized this point in a Tweet from earlier this morning, "I turned down DANCING WITH THE STARS, and people want to know why? I am busy, that's all. I am committed to NAN and our projects this year." Of course, he was more colorful when he explained this to TMZ.

The civil rights advocate told a TMZ cameraman, "I enjoyed doing Saturday Night Live with my James Brown thing"—he hosted in 2003—"But you know, you have to have your priorities," pointing out that SNL was a one night (really one week) commitment while DWTS goes on for weeks and weeks. And Sharpton reassured that he wasn't scared of dancing, "I've got moves ... I'D BLOW 'EM OUT!!" Well, see this example.

Last year, Sharpton joked to Newsweek about turning down DWTS in 2008, "There are enough black people dancing on TV without me."