If it's the holiday season with gift giving, it's the post-holiday blues with gift returns, especially with holiday sales. Retail analysts are expecting many people to return gifts, as well as cash in any gift cards, in the next few days. One retail analyst suggests you remain calm during the return process, as "angry customers usually bring about angry retailers." Word. When you've waited on line at Banana Republic for 30 minutes, there's no need to go all aggro on the poor salesperson...we say you contact the store's customer service department and mouth off to them and see if you can get compensated in some way. Gothamist would suggest you wait a little before you return, but it turns out that many stores have changed their return policies to be more restrictive. Even though the policies are to prevent consumer fraud, Gothamist wonders if it's a conspiracy by distant relatives to make you keep your holidorky sweater. There is something to be said for sitting with sticking to a gift and it growing on you, but in case things dont work out that way, the worst case is that you can't return it and you'll have it to regift it later.

Other ways you can get rid of holiday gifts: Selling 'em on eBay or donating to the Salvation Army or another cause of your liking. And where oh where is that special online regifting technology?