The 1987 classic Dirty Dancing (which you can watch on Netflix Instant now) is getting remade for a newer generation. But why? Just this week Tara Ariano rewatched the original and declared it had aged just fine! Although... it is sort of depressing to watch Patrick Swayze now that he's a ghost (sorry! Sorry.). Anyway, the kids should embrace the perfection of the original, but you know, kids.

So on that note, Lionsgate is set on a remake, and say they'll bring back original choreographer Kenny Ortega for it, this time as director. Ortega says he's eager to cast "the next breakout triple-threats," but who could ever fill the shoes of the original Johnny Castle? Or Baby? Or even that kid who carried the watermelons that one time? And who's going to do the updated version "I've Had The Time Of My Life"? And are the answers to all of these questions the Glee kids?

Ponder it all while you click through this photo gallery of abandoned and overgrown Borscht Belt hotels, a la Kellerman's... which is still open and hosting Dirty Dancing weekends! However, while in the movie it played the part of a Catskills retreat, in real life it's in Virigina.