If you were a guest of The Waldorf-Astoria and checked out with some of the hotel's items stashed in your suitcase, you now have a chance to return them without any consequences or public humiliation. The hotel announced that they're calling on past guests to return hotel items predating 1960, promising no questions will be asked "during the amnesty period running now through September 15th."

Returned items should include a brief description, date when the item was taken and the guest’s associated memories. The Amnesty Program has been developed as an expansion of the famed hotel’s efforts to expand its archives and existing historical gallery, “Host to the World”, located beside the main lobby. Valuable items hoping to be retrieved include silver, such as demitasse spoons used during the hotel’s supper club years, ashtrays, linens, etc.

Returned items will be showcased in the hotel's lobby, and photos will be uploaded to their Facebook page. Maybe they should also check FDR's train in their secret tunnel?