As you can see, people from all ages come to the Rated X party, which returned this weekend after a little hiatus. For the most part the party is filled with (for lack of better defining term) "frat boys"...but what can one expect when a Rated X Panty Party is advertised? Not to mention one with a hot body contest and 2 for 1 drinks if you take your pants off.

We were there and spent most of our time upstairs listening to the Finger on the Pulse crew deejay. The party itself is more Rated PG-13 than X...and unless you are in the front row for the contest you can't see a thing since the stage is low to the ground. This weekend contestants weren't supposed to take off too much (lest there be another hiatus) however most took it all off anyway. Well, it was really hot in there so you can't really blame them.

More photos at Last Nights Party, Ambrel (and dude's camera phones everywhere). Above photo via Ambrel.