"His love for Madonna went over the borderline," says the Post, reporting on a 59-year-old retired firefighter who was arrested for showing up outside Madonna's Upper West Side apartment twice in four days. Robert Linhart decorated his SUV in signs reading, "Tell me yes or no, " and, "If it's yes, my dream will come true. If it's no, I will go. XXX." The answer was no, but, instead of leaving on his own, he had to be handcuffed and dragged to the 20th Precinct station.

Linhart was charged with disorderly conduct, making graffiti, possessing a graffiti instrument and resisting arrest, as well as criminal weapons possession after cops found pocket knives on him. Police also found evidence that Linhart had taken his stalking act on tour, including a sign saying he had seen her in Prague and tour guide of Paris (Madonna played in both cities in 2009). However, his presence must have been somewhat flattering for the star, as apparently New Yorkers can barely recognize her anymore.