rescover-novdec2003.jpgThere are times when watching MTV, VH1, BET or even that new upstart FUSE that Gothamist wishes we could just by pass all of the bling and booty for some videos with artistic merit. RES magazine hears our plaintive sighs and every year brings the best of digital media showcased in their magazine to theatrical establishments around the country with RESFEST, the digital film festival.

The New York leg of the tour begins today with screenings through Sept. 12 at the TriBeCa Performing Arts Center (199 Chambers St.) While there will be programs of music videos, covering the rock and electronica genres, RESFEST also features narrative shorts and a feature length film, Sprout directed by Thomas Campbell.

There's also a retrospective to director Jonathan Glazer who directed the Radiohead "Street Spirit" and UNKLE's "Rabbit in Your Headlights" videos as well as commercials for Levi's and Nike. If you've wanted to see the latest in motion graphics and broadcast design, then RESFEST is one of the best showcases for this kind of new works.

resdvd2.jpgTickets for each individual program cost $9 (with a slight service fee if you purchase them through the site's link on TicketWeb). Studio Tours, with the viewing of new works and the opportunity to meet some of the artists in person, cost $75. Or there's a $99 RESPASS that gets you into all of the screenings and parties with priority entrance. By passing the lines, aaah the power of the laminated pass.