Ladder_62.jpgWhen we last left our anti-hero Tommy Gavin he was drugged and out cold burning in a house on Long Island thanks to Sheila, the wife of his dead cousin who was quite angry after Tommy decided not to retire. In tonight's return, Tommy is accused of arson and insurance fraud, may or may not be the father of the baby of his estranged wife who he is living with and has to face the fact that his teenage daughter is doing drugs, drinking, having sex with an musician and doing it all with the knowledge of her mother. In short, all of that means Rescue Me is back and has hit the ground running and that is all before the opening credits.

The first episode of the season is in many ways both a wrap-up and a reset as it sets things up for the new season. We don’t want to give too much away, but there is a great scene in a church involving an organ, Lou and his girlfriend the ex-nun, plus an intense firefighting action sequence. The fire sequence was seen in part in some promos and had many speculating that one of the Ladder 62 crew would die in a fiery collapse. Let's just say that you may not find the humor in the whole sequence if you are a cat lover, but you may get a laugh at Probie’s double whammy of bad luck. The most promising storyline is the one involving the volunteer firefighter who saved Tommy from death in the fire out on the Island and is intent to go out with him, especially since the vollie is played by Jennifer Esposito.

Now, if the first episode is any indication of where the season is headed, we are in for a wild and often funny ride on the rig with the crew of Ladder 62.

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Photo of the Rescue Me firehouse set by Triborough on flickr