Michael Jackson's mug shot; Photo from AP

Just when you thought you were tired of Michael Jackson, he becomes interesting again. Admit it – there could not be a more insane mugshot picture; he sort of looks like a comic book villain, like the Joker [as suggested by friend JW]. He's Bad! He's Dangerous! This is a Thriller! He's Off the Wall! And as Gawker notes, all the Michael Jackson jokes were written 10 years ago ("Do You Remember The Time [insert bizarre MJ incident here]?"

All Michael Jackson news from Google News.

Someone groused that the media attention away from world news to Michael Jackson was part of a rightwing conspiracy. Instead of hearing about British protesters denouncing Bush, we're getting 24-7 Michael. Gothamist says maybe so, but then the news media is playing right into their hands because MJ is ratings gold.