After brushing off the RNC dust and settling back into a week of normalcy Gothamist noticed this Crain's piece on the effect the invasion of the Republicans had on Broadway. Basically, they got creamed, with an 18% attendance drop compared to the same week last year and a whopping 20% drop in box office grosses. Variety via Yahoo gives the skinny on which shows suffered the most, reporting "significant five-figure slippage" at "Fiddler on the Roof," "The Frogs," "Wonderful Town" and "Golda's Balcony", and even successful shows like "Avenue Q" and "Movin' Out" getting hit hard, too, down $70,134 and $85,094 respectively.

On a somewhat related note, Gothamist was happy to read a great think piece just published at Newsweek which compares the Disneyfication of Broadway to the current political climate. The thesis of the piece is essentially that "On Broadway as in the voting booth, it’s Disney vs. Tony Kushner—and we know what sells."

While we're talking politics and Broadway, we must note that we thought it rich to hear that George Bush Sr. took Barb Sr. to the theater during the convention to see Hairspray, not the most conservative show on the boards by any stretch. In fact, given his son's position on gay marriage, its pretty darn ironic that he chose a show where the male lead is in drag, singing love songs to his/her boyfriend.