Kelsey Grammer

, possibly the only straight Republican actor to ever play a gay cabaret owner, is considering a new role: mayor of New York City.

The actor—a "longtime conservative Republican" who invested big bucks into a right-wing entertainment channel called Rightnetwork—says he thinks the progression from actor to politician is only natural, since they both require a "narcissistic personality" to succeed. "You certainly have to have a resilient ego," Grammer told the Post. He says the interest in politics came three years ago, after suffering a minor heart attack. "I look at my political aspirations as that last piece of my life—where I hope to do something good for people and pay back a little."

The newly minted (and newly married) New Yorker has some $100 million of his own money to contribute toward a campaign, should he decide to run. Liberal blogs like the Democratic Underground are already atwitter over the news:

what could go wrong with Kelsey GRAMMER's history of drugs, working girls, and that common touch persona?!1 Besides all that, just his confusing a wingnut orientation with doing "something good for people" betrays his delusion. Has Camille finished the divorce settlement yet, is half of his disposable fortune gone and out of the campaign funding category?!

Yeah, the Camille Grammer element would be fun during an election season.

In slightly related news, Grammer will be practicing his political skills this fall on the new Starz series "Boss," in which he plays the fictional mayor of Chicago.