In an instance of the take being borne out by the reporting that came after it, a new wrinkle in the "Mr. Met flipping fans the bird" saga has revealed that the beloved baseball monster was in fact heckled by Mets fans before he lightly lashed out. So as it turns out, Mr. Met really was just representing New York to the fullest.

According to a witness that the Post spoke with, fans were hurling abuse at the friendly baseball-headed beast all night. The breaking point, according to a source, was when fans started shouting profane insults about Mr. Met's mother, since the person playing the part that night was having troubles with his actual mother.

Now, to be fair, the history of the Mets under the current ownership involves a heavy dose of "anonymous sources" with names like Weff Jilpon feeding reporters scoops that magically make the team look good anytime things are going wrong. That being said, actually standing up for an employee goes against this practice, which can only mean that the source with the Post who claims to be familiar with the goings on in the personal life of the man playing Mr. Met is real and correct.

Besides, as it turns out, Mr. Met was just resisting fascism in the workplace, and who among us can't endorse that?