2005_04_pandarug.jpgIn New York magazine's design issue, one of the Best Bets listed a brilliant, brilliant item: A plush carpet with a pattern of pandas eating bamboo by Rob Pruitt. You can order them through Works on Whatever, which says the carpets can be "repetitive designs for wall-to-wall installation or single-image area rugs for wall or floor." Ooh. But NY magazines there's a 12' by 12' minimum, which, at $20 per square foot, leaves Gothamist doubtful that we can rock the price. We'll just think back to our old panda rug days and contemplate making a panda hook rug ourselves.

Also, did anyone else notice in the NY Times article about New York magazine today that the term for the local advertisers in the magazine is "miscellaneous local" (in NY magazine's case, "largely health spas and plastic surgeons")? Gothamist will be applying that term to Dr. Zizmor and malpractice law firm ads we see on the subway.

Photograph from NY magazine